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About Us

About Us

PEREGRINE VEHICLE REFINEMENT is a boutique company specialising in top-end performance and enhancement products for European vehicles.

Highest quality materials are used in all our products. We believe that if you are upgrading your engine power or exhaust system or even optical accessories like carbon fibre parts, you should never compromise on quality.

Our performance modules are developed by top leading German engineers, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction and a safe and well performing product. Nothing beats German engineering when it comes to engine upgrades especially on such high end cars like BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

Our exhaust systems are all built with perfection in mind and developed in meticulous work on dyno, to deliver the perfect deep, sonorous sound without cabin drone. First priority with all our exhaust systems is the sound optimisation. We push also for the last HP with every system, improving the flow and adjusting backpressure to get you a true top end product, which you will love.

Next to our stainless steel exhausts we offer the exclusive titanium, ultra light systems and our top-selling valve-tronic exhausts, where the driver can make the exhaust quiet when needed and loud when wanted, on the press of a button.

Our carbon parts are manufactured with highest precision where you can be sure that the fitment accuracy is in OEM quality and the durability is second to none.

Each PEREGRINE team member has a very strong knowledge and passion for modifying high end European cars. We see ourselves as your personal advisor to help you build your vehicle properly and exactly the way you want it.

With PEREGRINE products you have chosen industry leading parts for your car with a customer service to beat.

Our product range is expending gradually, so get excited, follow us and enjoy top quality parts for your vehicle.


Your PEREGRINE Custom Team.



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